STEVEN NESHEIM                          



Flash is in the tradition of flash cards. "Flash" art evokes a sensibility toward immediate recognition of images and carries layered meanings of memory and imagination.

Landscape Painting
intends to capture the   phenomena of memory in cogent evidence, marking the sacredness of place.


​Our thoughts are first images; then the dance begins as we pass from one to the other, trading partners with pictures and words. Together they become of a work of art itself. Experience the dance here.

"And we are put on earth a little  space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love."

William Blake said it so well in the line above. We are all put here on earth by one of the few choices we don't get to make in life. That means we have much to learn. Thank you, then, for choosing to visit my space.

Iconic Painting intends to 

herald the significance of an experience through imagery that "writes" with symbols.


Drawing is a collection of intended marks that communicates visually and propels thinking, making it the most visceral of art forms. 

Collage  ​is composite imagery carefully designed to elicit meanings unintended by print media or mixed materials.


Assemblage and

Ready-made art present ideas not bound to conventional perceptions or established structures of thought, yet carry compelling strength of purpose.



Prints ​are made from an original matrix that allows multiple impressions to be transferred to any surface.