STEVEN NESHEIM                          

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Drawing ​is a collection of intended marks that communicates visually and propels thinking, making it the most visceral of art forms. 

With You in Mind: Each purchase of work includes a 10-day approval period. If the artwork is returned within 10 days after purchase, the buyer receives a full refund minus shipping costs.

Three Feathers & Shell                                   Purchase here

6" x 4"

Colored pencil, unframed, signed


Feather & Shell

3" x 5"

Colored pencil, unframed, signed


Purchase here

Apple Blossom                           Purchase here

3" x 4"

Colored pencil, unframed, signed


Bella Umbra                                                                 ​Purchase here

32" x 40"

Pencil on paper, framed, signed