STEVEN NESHEIM                          

Dreaming Bird

16.25" x 31.75"

Watercolor, framed, signed


From imprinted memories and shifting views our thoughts become patterns for our dreams.

Lingering Doubt

17.75" x 21.75"

Oil on canvas, framed, signed


The wheel, like a prayer, turns; the flower like a wind radiates. Falling thoughts, like falling petals, slips into lingering doubt.

Breathing Pattern

49.5" x 55.5"

Oil on wood, framed, signed


Self Denial

17.75" x 21.75"

Oil on canvas, framed, signed


At times we linger in the doorway of our decisions, inwardly recounting the significance on our lives. At the moment we decide, an agreement is struck and something inside us is replaced.

Sufficient Grace

49.5" x 37.75"

Oil on canvas, floater frame


Undeserved, yet freely given, grace comes to us when we least expect it, always welcome and sufficient to our needs.

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Long Standing Agreements

37.75" x 49.75"

Oil on canvas, framed, signed