The artist demonstrating his interactive installation, My Own Sphere of Influence, before the opening of his show Adamah: Evidence of the Divine at Gallery EDIT in Richmond, VA. (Feb. 2016)

My Own Sphere of Influence by Steven Nesheim

Washington ArtWorks, 2016

The artist standing in front of a painting by one of his favorite musicians, Bob Dylan, at London's Halcyon Gallery, 2016.

Steven Nesheim discussing his work, Bella Umbra, with a patron of the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition exhibit Black & White 2017.


The artist's piece, Yu/You, You/Yu, on display in Hong Kong (left) with a companion piece by artist Evelyna Liang Kan (right).

Steven's interactive kinetic sculpture, titled Yu/You, You/Yu on display in a Hong Kong group show through the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 2017.

Steven Nesheim's black and white folding screen, World Map, was included in the Aviary exhibit at Washongton ArtWorks in Rockville, MD (2015).

Online announcement of the artist's discussion during his 2015 solo show at the Mansion at Strathmore in Bethesda, MD.


                                    STEVEN NESHEIM                          

Steven leading his Hand Journaling class at the Grand Hand Gallery in St. Paul, MN.